Zelve 13 HP Honda Engine Inflation Fan-74 cm
Zelve 13 HP Honda Engine Inflation Fan-74 cm
Zelve 13 HP Honda Engine Inflation Fan-74 cm
Zelve 13 HP Honda Engine Inflation Fan-74 cm

Zelve Tall 13 HP Honda Engine Inflation Fan-74 cm (Worldwide Shipping with DHL Express)

Price : $1,689

The movie industry used in external shots, and also used to blow the balloon, Zelve 740mm inflation fan by Honda GX390 13 HP engineered is the first brand that comes to mind in the Turkish movie sector.
We have the fan models that make the hot air balloons easier to inflate. We offer a tubular stainless steel frame, a very robust platform that offers excellent protection, flexibility and mobility for the user.  


Technicial Specifications
Steel frame
Steel front and rear cage
Propeller Diameter: 74 cm
Chassis Diameter: 84 cm
Steel rim
Pneumatic wheels
Special production 1st class wood propeller



- One of the first choice of Turkish Directors for their mini series and movies.
- The world's most powerful and long lasting inflation fan!
- You can use Honda GX390 or Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke gasoline engine (we advise, not included the order.) (13HP or above)
- Extremely robust, can use in harsh environments.
- Special wood prop, double blade


*We can produce up to 120 cm propeller diameter.

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