Nutmec Walnut Transport Band
Nutmec Walnut Transport Band

Walnut Transport Band

Price : $3,000

Featured 3 Features:

Can be transported with wheels

Nutmec Conveyor Walnut Transport Band can easily be replaced by one person. There is no need for technical staff to set up the conveyor or change its location if needed.

Height Adjustment

Adjustable height adjustment is available as standard.

For both filling and unloading

A single conveyor belt is sufficient to fill the walnut dryer from the walnut walnut pulp to be dried and to the walnut calibrator from the walnut dryer.

Nutmec Conveyor Walnut conveyor belt allows you to move from walnut stripping to drying until drying. The same process can be done by using 2 separate conveyor belts as well as by changing the position of the single conveyor.

*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading. 


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