Wallnut Huller Toshiba Speed Limiter 170 Lt
Wallnut Huller Toshiba Speed Limiter 170 Lt

Walnut Huller Toshiba (Fuji) Speed Limiter 170 Liters

Price : $1,430



* SPEED ADJUSTABLE - STEEL KNIFE TYPE MACHINES * They are machines suitable for all walnut types. They are models suitable for professional use with abrasive warranty throughout their lifetime.



Peel nut shells very clean whether nut shells are cracked or not. Increases productivity by peeling 350-400 kg nut shells in just 30 minutes.

Cutting material is a steel that manufactured by processing in laser cutting machines. You can use this walnut sheller many years without any wearing.

Walnut Sheller Features

12500 Steel Cutting Blade of Walnut Huller

  • Long life steel cutting blades manufactured in laser cutting machines.

Configurable Speed

  • Prevent any casualties by configuring speed. Low speed for easily crackable nut shells and high speed for hardly crackable nut shells is advised.

Configurable Working Time

  • Pick a working time if you want and machine will stop peeling when that time is up.

Cleaning With Solid Brush

  • These brushes will help you with cleaning last shell pieces on nuts.

60x60 Body

  • Black walnut huller is suitable for small and medium size businesses and farmers. Body's inside is empty. It's completely cylindiric.

Height Adjustment

  • Use a proper height and adjust it. Height adjustment also provides angled body.


  • Reducer made in Turkey.

Control Panel

  • Toshiba electronic mainboard and water insulated panel.
  • Remote controller is independent from panel. This is provides comfort. 
  • There are different models for the peeler work with home electricity and industrial electricity.

Quality Certificates and After-Sale Documents

  • Experiment report from Uludag University
  • CE Certificate
  • Made in Turkey 

*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.Please contact us for additional delivery costs for your country before order.






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