Wallnut Huller Toshiba Speed Limiter 170 Lt
Wallnut Huller Toshiba Speed Limiter 170 Lt

Walnut Huller Toshiba (Fuji) Speed Limiter 170 Liters

Price : $1,600






Peel nut shells very clean whether nut shells are cracked or not. Increases productivity by peeling 350-400 kg nut shells in just 30 minutes.

Cutting material is a steel that manufactured by processing in laser cutting machines. You can use this walnut sheller many years without any wearing.

Walnut Sheller Features

12500 Steel Cutting Blade of Walnut Huller

  • Long life steel cutting blades manufactured in laser cutting machines.

Configurable Speed

  • Prevent any casualties by configuring speed. Low speed for easily crackable nut shells and high speed for hardly crackable nut shells is advised.

Configurable Working Time

  • Pick a working time if you want and machine will stop peeling when that time is up.

Cleaning With Solid Brush

  • These brushes will help you with cleaning last shell pieces on nuts.

60x60 Body

  • Black walnut huller is suitable for small and medium size businesses and farmers. Body's inside is empty. It's completely cylindiric.

Height Adjustment

  • Use a proper height and adjust it. Height adjustment also provides angled body.


  • Reducer made in Turkey.

Control Panel

  • Toshiba electronic mainboard and water insulated panel.
  • Remote controller is independent from panel. This is provides comfort. 
  • There are different models for the peeler work with home electricity and industrial electricity.

Quality Certificates and After-Sale Documents

  • Experiment report from Uludag University
  • CE Certificate
  • Made in Turkey 

*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.






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