Stainless Steel Grape Crusher with Centrifugal Pump Q.30 Openable

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Product type
Oenological machine – Openable stainless steel grape crusher with centrifugal pump


mm 1040×550 h 9

Stainless-steel centrifugal pump

Stainless-steel basket

Electric motor 220 v hp 2,5

Hourly production 3000 Kg


This model is openable and entirely built in stainless-steel, material which guarantees high hygiene and durability. The DVEP30I has an hourly production of 3000 Kg/H.The large loading bucket allows for an easy loading operation. The destemming shaft and the stainless-steel grid separate the stems from the grapes. Equipped with a pump of great size and high quality to pump the must to the barrels and a powerful motor which sets all the inner mechanisms in motion: the destemming shaft and the two screw conveyors, one which brings the grapes toward the shaft and the other which moves the resulting must towards the pump.


*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.

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