Pomegranate Sheller with Electric Motor

Price : $1,035

Product type
Machine for fruit processing


Hopper 900×500 mm

Engine 220 v hp 1

Hourly production 500 kg

mm 120x58xh64

Weight 57 Kg

To meet the needs of the growing number of customers interested in pomegranates, we created a new machine for automatic deshelling. The process is very delicate and this machines is the best way to extract the rich juice.Designed and made with high quality materials and attention to de details. It has an enameled steel hopper and stretcher. It’s handy and functional. The screw conveyor inside the hopper brings the fruit to the rollers to be crushed. The grains are separated from the peel by the shaft and the special grid. The rollers are made of nylon, which is suitable for food contact. The special supports allow to adjust the rollers by a few millimeters and ensure a sturdy and durable product.


*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.