Hydro Press PEWB40
Grifo Hydro Press PEW40
Grifo Hydro Press PEW40
Grifo Hydro Press PEW40

Hydro Press PEWB40

Price : $1,332

Product type
Hydraulic press for grape and fruit processing


cage 350×475 mm

nominal volume 40 l

membrane external diameter 190 mm

max pressure 3 bar

temperature -10°/+50°

weight 26 kg

total height 920

discharge channel clearance h 3

Designed for the cold pressing of fruit (grape, apple, pomegranate, berries) and some vegetables to easily and quickly obtain must, siders, and more.The PEW040 is the half way between the PEW20 and PEW80 presses and contains up to 40 liters of product. It doesn’t require physical effort or electric power, relying instead on water pressure.The water fills a natural rubber sheet certified for food contact, which swells and continuously presses the fruit against the wall. A supplied canvas filter allows the juice to get out without clogging the holes. Any spilling during the process is collected into the supplied bag. With this process, you keep all the nutritional, antioxidants and physical properties of fruit.The machine is entirely made of stainless-steel except for the lid and the base which are strongly built in aluminum. The pressure set is protected by a safety valve calibrated to 3 bar.


*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.

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