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HMX Olive Harvest Machine (World Wide Shipping with DHL Express)

Price : $700




Special Design for Olive Trees
You can harvest olives without damaging your tree and olives, and you can collect 1 t-3.5 ton of olives per day according to your usage and olive dominance.
You can harvest up to 4-5 meters without ladder. When you work with the ladder, it makes it possible to collect olives on higher branches.
HMX4 olive shaking machine is a new generation product. Unlike the machines hanging from the side, the engine is carried on the back with the ergonomic strap and the olive is harvested. It only makes you feel the vibration from the branch; In addition, the load of the motor does not affect your arms. You can walk more easily, work longer and most importantly, you get much less tired.
Small, lightweight (1.56 kg), robust and highest-speed transmission in its class, when the trigger is pressed while the hook is attached to the branch, it pours at least 95% of the olives in the branch within 1-2 seconds. Especially used in the Turkey (more than 20000 active users) is an olive picking machine with proven quality.



Why HMX Olive Harvester?
Harvesting works at 70% - 90% fast.
The harvest of olives, especially in the peak branches, ends in a few seconds.
The olive stalk of green olives is intact. Standard type machines with an average of 2000 strokes per minute can not be expected success. HMX has 3500 strokes per minute and mixes olives with high cycle rather than strokes, gives effective results.
Multi-bodied, trees can be selected by selecting the branches separately.
Even small-scale farmers can easily reach it. Installation is simple, easy to use.
Oil-free, bush-free system that does not require maintenance in the next generation.
Light and strong. 100% Turkish Design.
No consumables and maintenance.
It is durable and long lasting.
Our machine is resistant to much more than what is needed.
Its ultraviolet stability is high.




How to use?
The harness of the harvester is connected to the tree branches by means of an easy fastening device. (Branches or soil away from the tree can be easily stretched sections should be selected.)
Start the engine.
Effectively shakes when the spindle is actuated. It falls off the fruit branch. The swinging power and the speed of rotation are made of the engine.






Energy Source: 2 Stroke Gasoline Engine
Fuel: Gasoline + Oil Mixture
Power: 2.5 HP and above
Transmission Weight 1.56 kg
Length of Transmission: 30x230x18 cm
Vibration Speed: 3500 rpm
Hook Mouth Opening: 35 mm



Which Engine Brand You Should Choose?

Husqvarna, Oleomac, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, Stihl. This price is just for handle, not include the engine.


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