Himoinsa AS4006V Apolo Start Lighting Tower

Price : $7,871

In places where there is no other electricity infrastructure and where environmental conditions are favorable, lighting towers are frequently demanded. The APOLO START series of lighting towers are durable and ready to deal with ambient temperatures of up to 20 degrees below zero in the winter of the Cossack, up to 45 degrees Celsius.

With the AS4005 ECO model 6 meters high and 9 meters in other models, START series towers are among the most versatile and competitive products on the market. These towers are often quiet, but they do a very important job. The light they provide enables the operation of high-speed train lines or emergency services in natural disasters. These lighting towers can operate continuously for up to 70 hours, can work more than 7 nights without refueling and can illuminate up to 32,000 square meters with 4 1000W spotlights (384,000 lumens).


Serial: Apolo Start
Model: AS4006V-M5
Power (P.R.P.): 5.1 kVA
Voltage: 230 V
Maximum dimensions (in working position): 3162 X 2781 X 9146 mm
Minimum dimensions (in transport mode): 2762 X 1650 X 3072 mm
Weight: 782 Kg
Storage capacity: 114
Autonomy: 70

Frequency: 50 Hz
Cycle: 1,500
Engine type: 4-stroke diesel
Injection type: Indirect
Aspiration Type: Natural
Cylinders, number and arrangement: 3 - L
Diameter x Stroke: 72 x 74
Total Motor Volume: 0.904
Cooling system: Cooler
Engine oil specifications: SAE 3 grade 10W30 / API class CD, CF
Fuel consumption (lights only): 1.64
Controller: Mechanical
Air filter: dry

Pole: 4
Connection type (standard): Series
Coupling Type: S-5 6.5 "
Degree of protection insulation: Class H
Mechanical protection degree (according to IEC-34-5): IP21
Drive System: Self-regulating brushless
Voltage regulator: capacitor
Support type: Single bed
Connection system: flexible disk
Coating type: Standard (Vacuum impregnation)

Mast type: manual
Mast sections: 6
Rotation: 360º manual
Double security lock: standard
Lamps / Spot Lamps: 4 x 1000 W
Lamp type: Metal halide
Total lumen: 4 x 96,000 = 384,000 lm
Remaining power: 1,1 Kw

Canopy: Standard
Auxiliary sockets: -
Lifting hook: Standard base frame
Chassis traction kit: standard
Light Indicator: Manual
Wheels: 2 x 165R13


*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading. Lighting tower is able to transit trade for your country.