Himoinsa Apolo Compact Eco Lighting Tower

Price : $11,668

It can withstand compact, autonomous and extremely harsh conditions. The lighting towers forming the APOLO COMPACT series have this general characteristic. They offer all the features needed in the rental industry: lighting towers for mining or oil extraction sectors can be easily transported to illuminate at a new airport overnight.

cannot be towed only by a vehicle for road transport, but their small size means that up to 9 units can be transported in up to 40 containers. In addition, it has a fuel tank of 100 liters. It has a working time of up to 166 hours. The COMPACT ECO model guarantees low fuel consumption between 0.4 and 0.7 l / s and comes with 4 350W LED spotlights as standard.

The COMPACT HEAVY DUTY model is an improved lighting tower for construction and uneven ground, because it contains reinforced jacks to stabilize the unit on any surface. It also has a support wheel, lifting hook and rear fork carriage so it can be moved by a forklift.

All lighting towers in the series have a hydraulic mast that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and extend up to 9 meters in less than 25 seconds.



Series: Apolo Compact
Model: Compact Eco M5
Power (P.R.P.): 4.5 kVA
Voltage: 230 V
Maximum dimensions (in working position): 2425 X 2634 X 9219 mm
Minimum dimensions (in transport mode): 2425 X 1340 X 2033 mm
Weight: 749 Kg
Storage capacity: 100
Autonomy: 166

Model: YANMAR L100N5
Frequency: 50 Hz
Cycle: 3,000
Engine type: 4-stroke diesel
Injection type: Direct
Aspiration Type: Natural
Cylinders: 1 - L
Diameter x stroke: 86 x 75
Total Engine Volume: 0.435
Cooling system: Air
Engine oil specifications: SAE 3 grade 10W30 / API class CD, CF
Fuel consumption (lights only): 0.4
Controller: Mechanical
Air filter: dry

Pole: 2
Connection type (standard): Series
Connection type: J609 B / 6
Degree of protection insulation: Class H
Degree of mechanical protection (according to IEC-34-5): IP23
Drive System: Self-propelled, brushless
Voltage regulator: capacitor
Support type: Single bed
Connection system: --------
Coating type: Standard (Vacuum impregnation)

Mast type: hydraulic
Mast sections: 9
Rotation: 360º manual
Double security lock: standard
Lamps / Spot Lamps: 4 x 350 W
Lamp type: LED
Total lumen: 4 x 47.955 = 191.820 lm
Remaining power: 3,1 Kw

Canopy: Standard
Auxiliary sockets: 1 x 32 Amp
Lifting hook: Standard base frame
Chassis traction kit: Standard
Light indication: hydraulic
Wheels: 2 x 165R13


*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading. Lighting tower is able to transit trade for your country.