Fruit Mill
Grifo Fruit Mill
Grifo Fruit Mill
Grifo Fruit Mill
Grifo Fruit Mill

Fruit Mill

Price : $1,071

Product type
Fruit mill


mm 1300×520; h exit 420 mm

Polyethylene HD

Stainless-steel knives

Electric motor 220 v – 50Hz – Kw 2.2 – 2800 RPM

Hourly production 800/1000 Kg

Weight 26 Kg

The powerful engine mounted on the AM1 mill allows to quickly shred fruits with no kernel, such as apples and pears.A follow-up pressing results in juices, siders, distillates and much more. The fruit mill AM1 is made with high quality materials: the hopper, conveyor and stand are in polypropylene while the rotating knives are in stainless-steel. Handy and functional, the upper part is easily removable for a quick cleaning. The fruit in the funnel hopper descends to the base, where the fruit is crushed by the rotating knives operated by the electric motor, and is then expulsed by the conveyor.Its hourly production ranges from 800 to 1000 kg/H.


*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.

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