ECOSKID Tractor Bracket (Control Arms- 2 Outlet)
ECOSKID Tractor Bracket (Control Arms- 2 Outlet)
ECOSKID Tractor Bracket (Control Arms- 2 Outlet)

ECOSKID Weed Fighter (Control Arms- 2 Outlet)

Price : $1,830


Meet the Tractor Weed Fighter

Tractor scythes, which are widely used in European countries, are the ideal solution for orchards and vineyards.

It is a machine specially designed for cutting weeds growing under the rows of trees or vineyards without spreading poison (herbicide) or making anchor. It is used with standard motorized scythe lines and it is very easy to feed new line. With its structure designed by avoiding unnecessary details, it has a solidity that can serve for many years.

Minimum fuel consumption
The tractor scythe works with tractor hydraulics. The tail shaft is idle. It works with minimum fuel consumption as there is no need to give gas to the tractor while mowing with a tractor scythe.

How to feed tractor fighter line?
With the help of its special wrench, the single nut on the line drum end of the tractor scythe is removed. It is taken into the fishing line with the line guide and wrapped with the winding arm. A total of 100 meters of fishing line is wound in one go.

How to lengthen the line on the tractor weed fighter?
When the fishing line that comes out of the drum becomes shorter, the nut at the end of the drum is loosened and the drum arm is turned counterclockwise and the line wrapped in the drum is allowed to go out of the drum. Within a few seconds, the line is extended.

Will the fighter damage the trees?
The tractor scythe drum is spring-loaded and hides backward when the implement touches the tree. Scythe lines work by hitting the ground in the vertical axis. Since the lines rotate vertically when the lines touch the tree, the line does not hit the tree trunk hard and does not cause damage.

Can you work with fighter with the drip pipes on the ground?
Yes. This is the question we get the most. The tractor weed scythe does not cause any damage to the drip pipes, does not pierce or leave a trace. However, the tractor scythe can displace the drip pipes. Therefore, we recommend the use of drip pipes when they are filled with pressurized water in order to make them heavier.

I have not been able to care for my garden for a while. Can I mow high grass under trees?

The tractor mower trimmer quickly cleans the 180 cm area under trees ... Surprising and unique!






Is it possible to work on every ground?
Yes. It is easy to mow with a tractor scythe in stony, wet, dry, dense grassy areas and even muddy areas where the tractor is difficult to walk. You can mow grass even when it's raining.

Tractor Weed Fighter Highlights
Piston can be lengthened and shortened.
Working with low and high speed.
In its drum, 100 mt 4 mm motor fighter line is wrapped as factory.
"TURN & GO" line drum with easy line extension and winding.
Working with 16 different angles.
Line guard height and span settings.
Flexible, slippery tree protection that never hurts trees.
Mowing grass with a vertical line that never harms trees. (It is patented.)
Dust and water proof key set box on the machine.



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