Boost 1900Z Hollow, Rotten, Cracked Walnut Sorting Machine (Industrial)
Boost 1900Z Hollow, Rotten, Cracked Walnut Sorting Machine (Industrial)

Boost 1900Z Hollow, Rotten, Cracked Walnut Sorting Machine (Without Conveyor,Industrial)

Price : $2,086

* WALNUT DECAL - EMPTY SEPARATION MACHINES * Machines that separate healthy and unhealthy walnuts with wind pressure power. Flow rate settings are available. Separation performance is higher in dry walnuts. Separation performance decreases in un-dried walnuts as the rotten, solid walnut internal weights show close.

Boost 1900Z, which separates bad walnuts, is designed according to the needs of medium-sized walnut businesses. It is used to separate hollow, broken or rotten walnuts. It makes separation by wind pressure by taking advantage of the weight difference. Heavy walnuts with a solid shell fall into one section, and light walnuts fall into a separate section. Sensitive wind (fan) flow rate adjustment is available on the machine.

Thanks to the sensitive fan flow adjustment, the machine used to separate low quality walnuts, regardless of moist or dry walnuts, is used for all types of walnuts.

It can be used to separate moist, wet walnut or dry walnut in walnut processing lines. It has 2 different models with 3200Z and 1900Z coded different work capacities. We also design and manufacture different models according to the needs.

Compact, space-saving design.
Thanks to the sensitive electronic wind flow control unit, it is possible to easily adjust the setting to separate all kinds of walnuts, wet or dry.
Different operating settings.

1900Z Sorting machine of empty, rotten, broken walnuts has a feeding conveyor. We also offer a model without a conveyor.

Please contact us for detailed information.

Technical details
Brand Kadıoğlu
Model Boost 1900z
Origin Turkey
Energy Supply 380V Three Phase
Energy Consumption 1,5 kw
Feature 1 Precise Fan Flow Rate Adjustment
Feature 2 Engine Protection
Feature 3 Walnut Feeding Conveyor (Model without conveyor is also available.)



*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.Please contact us for additional delivery costs for your country before order.