BKS130E 220v Almond Peeling Machine (Electric)

Price : $1,100



The almond peeling machine BKS130E, which separates the green husk of an almond with an average of 400-800 kg per hour, is very useful and easy to maintain thanks to its compact design.
BKS130E lmond peeling machine has open cage design for ease of use and maintenance. It separates the inner almonds from the bark by means of rubber and metal scrapers. Unlike its peers, metal scrapers continue to work even if rubber scrapers are worn ...
Easy transport wheels
BKS130E Almond Peeling Machine is convenient to move and use. Users of all ages can effortlessly operate.
Compact, easy to clean, maintained design
BKS130E Almond Peeling Machine is easy to clean and easy to maintain and repair.
130 cm height
The ideal sized almond peeling machine prevents the peeled almonds from being stressed and enables the engine to run without difficulty.
Technical details
Energy Supply 220V 
Weight 120 kg
Length 130 cm
Height 130 cm
Width 120 cm
Capacity 500 - 800 kg / h (Average) 
*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.