180ED Walnut Peel Adjustable Speed Paring Machine

Price : $3,700
Featured 3 Features
Unrivaled Walnut Peeling Speed
It takes only 3 - 6 minutes to remove 100 kg of walnut green shell in the angled boiler. It is mounted on a handy walnut peeler machine which is used to remove rotten or flawed walnuts from peeling the walnut green shell. It can be folded when work is done and does not take up much space. 
You can safely use even the most fragile walnut varieties with precise cycle setting
With precision cycle setting, you can reduce the walnut peel speed even further by increasing the machine speed in brittle, non-brittle walnuts! In some fragile breeds, you can reduce the machine running speed to avoid possible breaks in walnuts. There is no need to set the speed in Chandler walnuts. You can contact us for advice on our selection of machines and get ideas.
Color LCD management display, time and time setting
Our most featured model Nutmec 180ED Walnut Stripping Machine comes with a handy management panel. Color LCD display time, speed setting is easily done, Nutmec 180E Walnut Stripping Machine takes its power from the electric motor in 3 hp power. The angled boiler design speeds the peel speed up to 3 kata compared to standard walnut peeling machines. It can be easily replaced with 4 wheels. Walnut peeling machine with integrated color screen management panel.
Weight: 232 Kg
Height: 105 cm
Length: 220 cm
Engine Power: 2.2 Kw
Power Requirement: 220 Volt
Hourly Capacity: 750 - 1100 Kg (Variability According to Operating Devine)
Feature 1: Fine Speed ​​Setting
Feature 2: Time Setting
Feature 3: Management Panel
*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.