1300E Galvanized Walnut Drying Machine
1300E Galvanized Walnut Drying Machine

1300E Galvanized Walnut Drying Machine

Price : $1,825
* CASE TYPE WALNUT DRYING MACHINES * Walnut drying crates that do not take up space Provides healthy walnut drying thanks to its strength resistance and fan, preventing the loss of product quality during drying. Double fan - heater is used against the risk of failure in large scale models.
Same with Case Type Walnut Dryer CKM1300E has a volume of 1300 Liters. Wet walnuts in the range of 600 - 800 kg dry on average between 36 - 40 hours. It works with 220 V household electricity. It is completely safe and easy to use. This model is galvanized.
2 Highlights:
1300E Walnut Dryer is designed for 350-400 kg dried walnut peeling producers on average per day.
It can be operated side by side thanks to the frame type design. Thus, as the amount of walnut production increases, the number of machines can be increased and a high capacity walnut drying section can be formed.
Technical details
Model CKM1300EG
Volume 1300 Liters
Walnut Drying Capacity 600 - 800 kg / 30 - 40 Hours


Heating power
Weight 190 kg
Height 120 cm
Length 120 cm
Width 120 cm
Energy Need 220 Volt Home Electricity
*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading.

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