MOOV Rawr! Anti Blue Ray Gaming Eyewear (Worldwide Free Shipping with DHL Express)

Price : $57

Computer, tablet, mobile phone or other digital devices; There are harmful rays causing eye fatigue and vision syndromes. With Moov Player Glasses, you can minimize the damage caused by harmful rays and maximize their performance.
With the new generation "Moov Rawr!", your eyes will be less tired, you will be able to choose colors better in games and play more enjoyable games.

Increases your long-term gaming experience to maximum performance.
Minimizes digital eye strain. With its Aquila feature, MOOV reduces eye strain by up to 82%.
Focus more than ever.
Move your AIM to a higher point. With Ax2 technology, MOOV takes your focus to the next level.

For hours at play parties, your eyes will not be exposed to the effects of harmful rays.
MOOV protects your eyes from UVA, UVB and harmful blue rays with AIM-PRO feature.

Technicial Specifications:

Brand: MOOV

Year: 2019

Frame Color: MAT Black

Lens Color: Yellow Blue

Frame Style: Full Rim

Frame Material: Grillamid

Code: 291C101

Flexibility: High Capability

Antiallergic: Yes

Weight: Ultra Light

Equilibrium: suitable weight balance

Coating: Reflective coating on the double side of the lens

AQUILA: Lens Technology

AX2: Focusing enhancer

AIM-PRO: 100% UV, Harmful blue rays and polorizing protection


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