BKS200T Almond Peeling Machine (Tractor Power)
BKS200T Almond Peeling Machine (Tractor Power)

BKS200T Almond Peeling Machine (Tractor Power)

Price : $1,190



The almond peeling machine BKS200T compact almond peeling machine, which separates the green husk green shell from 800-1000 kg per hour, gets its power from the tractor shaft. In this way, almond green peels at the harvested location is provided by ease of transportation. More almonds can be shipped with less crates or sacks.
Almond peeling machine has open cage design for ease of use and maintenance. It separates the inner almonds from the bark by means of rubber and metal scrapers. Unlike its peers, metal scrapers continue to work even if rubber scrapers are worn. Almond peeling machine that works with tractor power can work with all brands and models of tractors.
Easy Operation
BKS200T Almond Peeling Machine is connected to tractor three hanging arms. Shaft connection is made and ready to use.
Compact, easy to clean, maintained design
BKS200T Almond Peeling Machine is easy to clean and easy to maintain and repair.
200 cm tall
It is designed in the most suitable dimensions for tractor operation.
A loss of up to 30% can be experienced in thin-shelled almond types.


Technical details
Power Supply Tractor Tail Shaft
Weight 130 kg
Length 200 cm
Height 130 cm
Width 120 cm
Capacity 800 - 1000 kg / h (Average)
*It is not suitable for micro export regulations, just for partial loading. Please ask before order the shipping date.